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Downloading and sharing music, films and software is most often done by using a Peer-to-peer (p2p) network.
P2p-software like Limewire and Acquisition give the possibility to make files on a computer accessible to others. These ‘shared’ or ‘public’ files like music (MP3) can be downloaded by other users over the internet. People not allways use the right settings for the p2p programs. Which leads to sharing more data then intended, like personal and privat information.
Dirk Pereres * has been collecting these accidently shared files for a year. This huge collection of idcard scans, passwords, pictures and videos are archived in the ‘Dirk Pereres archive.’

*: The Dirk Pereres project is the graduation project of graphic designer Pierre Derks. More projects are shown here:


Dirk Pereres used the found footage material to design posters, videos etc.
“It's an interesting collection that should be accessible to everyone... I handle these files discreetly with respect to the privacy and anonymity of the people concerned.”




The Dirk Pereres project was exhibited from
2 July till 9 July 2006 as part of the Graphic Design graduationshow from the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague.

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